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Eels sonichu oc's
i'd pitched a few ideas for helena's comic but am content to come up with some new ones

A fusion of Rotor from Sonic: SatAM the anthropomorphic walrus inventor and electabuzz the pokemon. Secretly gay for Sickles (even though he's straight)

A super soldier grown in a laboratory by the soviet union during the end of world War 2.  Splicing the DNA of an echindna a scizor to create Sickles.  After world War 2 he was frozen in cryogenic stasis to be awoken for world War 3.  Having been released for the Ukraine Russian conflict but ultimately going rogue.  Flirts with Sallychu only to be rebuffed by her.

A rabbit similar to bunny rabbit whom was almost turned into a ghost by the ghost machine (work in progress origin) only half of her body was turned ghostly turning her into Rabgar. 

Kunai the x-treme
A ninja sonichu who trained with Naruto esq ninjas in Japan to be an assassin and a descendant of the Japanese originating Wasabi tribe.  He put his skills to use as a hitman bodyguard and spy serving the cwcville intelligence network.  He's a rude loner who doesn't get along with the sonichus, only having a grudging level of respect for punchy.  When he runs he leaves flame trails and his kunais (throwing knives) explode) he uses smokescreen to blind people temporarily and disappear in the confusion. Nicknamed "the eel" cuz of how "slippery" he is and hard to catch.

Evails (a cwc original but was abandon by chris for fear of sonic and tails being percieved as "gay")
Chris chans evie and tails mash up.  Sonichu.  A brilliant inventor like Electrotor he was sonichus best friend long ago in high school.  However he lost touch with sonichu long ago after going across the country to go to college.  Now he's returned to cwcville and seeks to hang out with and reconnect with old pals.

A mash up of vaporion and perfect chaos she's a water dragon type and rules the lost city of lemeria under the oceans and seeks to protect the seas from the pollution and endangered species from the land dwellers.

Wes Isley aka Wes li sonichu
A descendant of the white native American tribe (I'm changing it to Japanese ninjas lol) whom was part of the anchuant prophecy of chris chan sonichu, sarham rosachu and Wes li sonichu.  When chris and Sarah didn't get together Wes li believed he was destined to be the chosen one and chris was prophesied to be the eternal rival.  However as time went on the prophecy proved to be either wrong or yet to be fulfilled.  After time went on Wes realized he was not the chosen one and made peace with chris. 

The new sarham roseachu
The daughter of Sarah hammer who is the new saraham rosachu.  She found Wes isley and chris chan and helped them work out their differences.  She believes the anchuant prophecy will one day be fulfilled not by chris Wes her or her mother but their descendants.  She's spent years studying sonichus and similar species of pokemon mobian hybrids which she calls "Gestalts" she theorizes their origin is one of extradimensional "collisions" leading to similar "constant beings" froms fusing together as a new diverse species.  Her theory exists primarily as a college thesis not yet graded or presented.  But if she's write it would prove sonichus (along with other sonic pokemon mash ups) as a new separate species capable of interpreting with each other as well as with humans.  She thinks the chaotic rainbow might have been caused by a dimensional rift that opened (it just coincidently happened at the same time of sonics fight with perfect chaos and collision with pikachu) but it all depends on her college professors reaction to her thesis.

Count graduon (obviously a character from the old lore but expanded upon)
A legendary native american warrior hero who was turned into a vampire by the dark slavic god Chernabog.  Count Graduon was given the title of “count” and became the world's first vampire.  His good nature was corrupted and he was sealed away.  However he was unearthed in modern times lusting with desire to rule the world.  However his repeated conflicts with chris have helped him remember who he really is and now he is trying to become the noble hero he once was.  The war in ukraine has sparked the wrath of his god Chernabog, who also seeks to turn from evil as well.

sallychu/sally acorchu
The self proclaimed “queen of cwcville” is a former soldier whom had fought in the “idea guys wars” after which she made a name for herself as a twitch streamer.  Many a character in cwcville including sonichu, sickles and trent lust and or simp for her.  She is attracted to sonichu and offers the possibility of an affair with him while trent sees her as the next target for his incel rage.
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